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Our Car care products are made from best imported materials from Germany and Korea and Has been approved by world famous brands in North American Markets . 

We provide high quality complete range of auto accessories  for any car exterior and interior decoration.


Our car accessories and Car cares are supplied to 

- Famous Brands in North America  

- Car Tuning chain stores

- Aftermarkets wholesalers 

We provide car care and accessories in our Top brands and sub-brands including :
SMART ( Classic )  ,
SMART-X ( Black Label )
SMART-Z (Golden Label )
We welcome customers for Private Branding under our Terms and condition.

Car Care Products :
- Tyre Shine Foamy cleaner ( Tire Care )
- Engine Degreaser
- Injection Cleaner
- All Purpose Foamy Cleaner
- Carburetor Cleaner
- Car Wax ( water wax )
- Ice Remover Spray
- Anti-Mist Spray
- Dashboard Cleaner( Z-wax )
Auto Accessories Products:
- Car Mat ( car carpet ) 
- Car Steering Locks
- Aluminum Shift Gear knobs
- Car Console box ( Arm Rest Box ) 
- Car Sunshade ( Curtains )
- Car Super Horns 
- Car Air Freshener 

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 "Smart " & "Smartini" Brands are our Registered Trade Marks .

   Any other brands or Trade Marks are property of their respective owners and are just mentioned as reference .

   Smart is commited in supplying Quality parts in its own or customer's Brand. No conterfeit products .


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