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Premium Quality Products MADE BY SMART


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Joint venture with UK Roadtamer Holding Group and to established a close relationship with major domestic OEMs such as Volkswagen, General Motors, JAC, and Foton , meanwhile ,export to major OEMs of  Europe, North America with superior quality and high market awareness , in the forefront of the national counterparts. Roadtamer was invited as a member of China Automobile Industry Association to take part in establishing China National Standard of Shock Absorber and the Eleventh-Five years Industry Plan.


Toyota Production System (TPS)-Lean Production

Production area: 23,000 square meters
Working date: 8 hours per day, 6 days per week

Working shift: 1-1.5
Design Production Capacity: 20,000 sets per day,
5,400,000 sets per year.
Just in Time (JIT)---100% correct and on time delivery  


Our shocks and components are supplied to 

- World-Top brand shock absorber makers in North America and EU 

- Automobile Manufacturers for OE / AM 

- Aftermarkets to 50 countries


we are able to provide ckd and skd parts and components to 

customers around the world.

Premium Quality Products MADE BY SMART

             Thermostat & Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers types:

- Oil & Gas Shocks
- Mono tube shocks
- Struts 
- Adjustable shocks 
- Steering damper
- Gas springs
- Hydraulic Cylinder 
- Seat Damper
- Cabin shocks
- Truck Shocks 
- Air suspensions
- Shocks components ( CKD )
- Shocks Piston rod
- Rubber parts and mounting 
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