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Idle Air Control Motor ( Step Motor ) is used to control engine idle speed by metering a small amount of air into throttle body without opening the throttle blades.The stepper motor (idle air control valve) is controlled by the ECM and controls airflow to help maintain a set point speed at idle.


More than 20 different models to suit different make of cars.

Our high performance series of products;  Smart brand Stepper Motors take advantage of Japanese Technology and premium quality material from Japan to ensure durability and life time of products,

while keep products prices competitive for both OEM, OES and Aftermarket.


Our Step motors are supplied to famous brands in America , Europe and Japan and our Own smart brand is also exported to more than 15 countries.


we welcome cooperation from OE and aftermarket customers and new samples to develop .




we are able to provide ckd and skd parts and components to customers around the world.

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