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Smart Auto Accessories china


Quick info

Our Car care products are made from best imported materials from Germany and Korea and Has been approved by world famous brands in North American Markets . 

We provide high quality complete range of auto accessories  for any car exterior and interior decoration.


Our car accessories and Car cares are supplied to 

- Famous Brands in North America  

- Car Tuning chain stores

- Aftermarkets wholesalers 

We provide car care and accessories in our Top brands and sub-brands including :
SMART ( Classic )  ,
SMART-X ( Black Label )
SMART-Z (Golden Label )
We welcome customers for Private Branding under our Terms and condition.

Car Care Products :
- Tyre Shine Foamy cleaner ( Tire Care )
- Engine Degreaser
- Injection Cleaner
- All Purpose Foamy Cleaner
- Carburetor Cleaner
- Car Wax ( water wax )
- Ice Remover Spray
- Anti-Mist Spray
- Dashboard Cleaner( Z-wax )
Auto Accessories Products:
- Car Mat ( car carpet ) 
- Car Steering Locks
- Aluminum Shift Gear knobs
- Car Console box ( Arm Rest Box ) 
- Car Sunshade ( Curtains )
- Car Super Horns 
- Car Air Freshener 
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