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Pioneer manufacturer of Sensors in China ,Joint venture with Taiwan partner to ensure quality .  

We are OE Supplier of Oxygen sensors to Germany since 2009.


Production area: 3000 square meters

Working date: 8 hours per day, 6 days per week

Working shift: 1-1.5
Design Production Capacity: 4000 pcs per day,
 Just in Time (JIT)---100% correct and on time delivery  


- OEM to Germany, Iran,

- World-Top brand sensor makers

- Aftermarkets to 35 countries


we are able to provide ckd and skd parts and components to customers around the world.


- Oxygen Sensors  

- Crankshaft position sensors

- ABS Sensor

- Throttle Position Sensor

- Camshaft Position Sensor

- Pressure Sensor 


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