Камский Автомобильный Завод – КАМАЗ

KAMAZ is the largest truck producer in Russia and the CIS. The factory produces 43,000 trucks a year (2014).Reinforced KAMAZ trucks are used by the Russian army.



SMART brand, KamAZ Parts Made in China

Smart Provides High quality and OE level spare parts for Russian Trucks ,specially for KamAZ .

  • KAMAZ 53228 6x6 Side truck & 6x6 Chassis truck

  • KAMAZ 5511 6x4 Dump truck

  • KAMAZ 45141 6x6 Dump truck

  • KAMAZ 54115 6x4 Prime mover

  • KAMAZ 55111 6x4 Dump truck & 6x4 Chassis truck

  • KAMAZ 6460 6x4 Prime mover

  • KAMAZ 6520 6x4 Dump truck & 6x4 Chassis truck

  • KAMAZ 6522 6x6 Dump truck & 6x6 Chassis truck

  • KAMAZ 6540 8x4 Dump truck & 8x4 Chassis truck

  • KAMAZ 6560 8x8 Chassis truck

  • KAMAZ 63968 Typhoon 6x6 Armored infantry transport

  • KAMAZ 65111 6x6 Dump truck

  • KAMAZ 65115 6x4 Dump truck & 6x4 Chassis truck

  • KAMAZ 65116 6x4 Prime mover

  • KAMAZ 65117 6x4 Side truck & 6x4 Chassis truck

Full range of Body Parts,

Engine parts,

Electric Parts,

Chasis and Suspensions,

Cabin Interior Parts,

Full Cabin etc.

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Available parts for 

Main Export Markets 

Russia , Belarus, Ukrain , Azerbaijan ,Georgia , Kazakhstan,






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