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Windshield Cleaning System:  WIPER BLADE and WASHER PUMPS

Aerodynamic designed wiper blades to reduce lift at high driving speeds
Windshield Cleaning System :


- Multifunction Soft Wiper Blade
- Metal-Frame Wiper Blades
- Hybrid Wipers 
- Rear windshield
- Truck Wiper Blades
- Bus Wiper Blades
- Twin Wiper Blades
- Wiper Refill
- Washer Pump ( Washer Motor 12v & 24v )  
- Winshield Water Tank
Quick info

Smart has windshield wiper blades for all types of vehicles for the best and safest visibility.


Our SmartVision Wiper Blades are made from high quality impoted rubber to ensure full clearance on windshield .

These Natural Rubber is four seasons compatible and lightly carbonized to make less friction on windshield surface and %100 noise-free .



Working date: 8 hours per day, 6 days per week

Working shift: 1-1.5
Design Production Capacity: 10,000 sets per day,


Our Wipers and washer pumps are supplied to :

- Aftermarket customers (world-wide)

- Chinese Local OEM


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