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Smart Int'l Group ( Smartini ) is an OE supplier of automotive parts established in 1965 in Hong Kong .Our products quality is valued and qualified by both domestic and international top car manufacturers including in Germany,The US , South Korea , Spain and Brazil .

Almost 85% of our spare parts are made in china ,while we have production and supplier chains in Taiwan,Thailand ,Vietnam and in Latin America. 

Our professional Foreign Trade Teams provides services in following languages ; English,Spanish, Portuguese , Italian, German,Persian, Arabic and Japanese.



As a trendsetter in the independent aftermarket, SMART's stated goal is to always be among the first on the market to incorporate new product developments into its own range of products. We are not only a supplier, but are also making our mark on the market as a manufacturer with our “Made by SMART” Branding. This diversity of our product range is rounded off by our SmartPlus programme.

We have tried to enhance the image of asian-made automotive spare parts in global markets by introducing our own franchise stores network in more than 20 countries . 

Our main Products including Auto Shock absorbers, Electric parts, Car Thermostats and Ignition Coilsare now recognized as world-class quality and top-brand in target countries.

We are currently OE Supplier of Shock Absorbers,Thermostat,Sealed beams ,Ignition coil and Oxygen sensors .
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